The essence of nature

at its most powerful

About Nutra Forme

Reliable and pure

We work hard to ensure that our products are the ideal strength to support a healthy and active lifestyle. That’s why we’ve selected the best partners to offer you the essence of nature at its most powerful.


Our products are made from high-quality Canadian ingredients and provide all the benefits of food purified by enzyme extraction.


Nutra Forme Inc.’s mission is to promote vitality and innovation by manufacturing and marketing functional and nutraceutical food products in an environmentally responsible way.

Our Customers

Nutra Forme is a manufacturer and a distributor to laboratories. Most of our customers are manufacturers and distributors of food, supplements, and natural products.

The key to serving this market is the strategic choice of a product made of purified, active ingredients that occur naturally and have a beneficial effect on health.

Versatile, Nutra Forme ingredients can be sold individually, be integrated into another complex, become a functional food in a product, or round out a food supplement recipe.

Establishing partnerships with subcontractors who are well-known for the excellence of their products is one of the strategies that supports the creation of new functional food products.

Turnkey service: Innovation supported by scientific research.

Doing business with Nutra Forme allows you to diversify your products at low cost, reducing research and development costs and innovating.